Sunday, October 18, 2020

I Am Smiling Through the Tears

 I've been blogging since March, 2006, and in those nearly fifteen years, my blog direction has changed many times.  When I hit the "publish" button for the first time, I was a homeschooling mom, yearning for more children, either through my own body or through the beauty of adoption.  My blog name matched that season of life---Heart for Home and Orphans.  As the door on that season of my life closed, my blog evolved into something different, and it has continued to do so many times in the past several years.

And now, I'm feeling like my blog direction is to change once more.  While Clothed with Joy definitely reflects what the Lord has done in my life, every time I seek Him about what he would have me write about, my long battle with infertility is what is put on my heart.

Infertility defines my Christian life.  It has consumed me since 1993, and even though God has given me peace about it, I still struggle with it on a regular basis.

While many bloggers do well writing about anything and everything, I do better with a theme.  Home, family, and hospitality have been my go-to subjects for awhile now; although I continue to be passionate about those things, the Lord has put on my heart that the heartbreak of infertility is what he has most gifted me to write about.  

In fact, several years ago, He put the title Smiling Through the Tears on my heart.  I thought maybe I would write a book and give it that title, but, alas, I'm feeling more certain that it is the name of the blog I have been called to write.

So, although "He has removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy," this blog is going to be called Smiling Through the Tears.  My writings will be mostly about the lessons I have gleaned through walking the agonizing road of infertility; even more, I will write about learning to love God even when I don't like His answer.

I hope you will join me on my journey, which will begin in early November, after I return from a trip to visit my parents.  I will be offline until then.


  1. Wherever your heart leads you, dear friend, we will follow! Have a wonderful visit with your folks and come back refreshed!! Peace & hugs, Patti!

    1. Thank you for those sweet words, Terri. You have been with me through several different blogs, so you know I have a hard time figuring out what I want to do. I appreciate you being a faithful reader of whatever I write! I'm looking forward to seeing my folks. I will be there for 11 days!

  2. Looking forward to your thoughts Patti, that's what blogging is all about, right? <3 Have a sweet time with family too! : )

    Blogging to me and always has been since I was on the xanga site (I'm a newby on blogger in a way, I think I came to the party a bit late and I feel like the new girl) ...But blogging is like making online blogging friends, and friends are interested in each other.

    Take care now, have a wonderful time! Psalms 91 (((hugs!)))

  3. That's definitely a theme that many can connect with - cant wait to read more of your beautiful writing


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