Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Why an Empty Nest Blog?

I have been the mother of a married daughter since 2015 and a complete empty nester since 2016, when my son bought his own house.  While I am now, in 2020, happy and content in my empty nest, getting to this place was monumentally difficult.  I began dreading the empty nest about a decade before it actually came to be, and I have cried oceans of tears and prayed thousands of prayers through the years.

While many women are excited about the new opportunities looking at them in their empty nest years, many others are not.  They---like me---feel purposeless and empty and like the very best years of their lives are gone forever.  It is those women who I would like to encourage.

Truly, I understand how you feel.  I understand that you don't know what purposeful thing you can do with the rest of your life.  I can totally relate to the emptiness that is gripping your heart right now.  I get that for the last two (or more) decades you have poured yourself into your children and now that they have left home, you are having a hard time adjusting.

Oh, precious empty nest mother, I see your heart.  I know your pain.  May I assure you that this new season will be a good one.  Yes, it will be different, but different doesn't mean bad.  

For several years, I poured out my breaking heart onto the pages of my journal, and then, miraculously---sometime in 2017---I found myself firmly on contented soil once more. The years of "settling in" to my empty nest were lonely, and I had very little like-minded support.  With that lack of empty-nest support fresh in my mind, I decided that just as we are challenged to "be the change we wish to see," I would write the blog I would have loved to have found during my heartbreaking transition years.

 May this blog be a place of encouragement and hope to other women struggling with the empty nest season.

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